Why U-Win for Point Spread Analysis

Simply put, nobody, and we mean nobody, approaches recommendations and winning like we do. We recommend specific college football teams that give you the absolute best statistical advantage to win based on each selected games particular situation

We cover all major football conferences to include the MAC and Sunbelt conferences (conferences where some real value exists).

  • On a weekly basis, we provide recommendations for point spread considerations, giving you a significant advantage for making your selections.
  • We give you percentages how a team will perform as it has in previous similar situations, along with some additional team facts that will help in your decisions.
  • Based on 5 continuous years of statistical research and analysis, we have “identified the situations” that will provide the best opportunity to gain an advantage.
  • We have considerable value. No one has ever used this original approach to analysis and winning.

People have a natural tendency to bet high powered favorites, in effect creating great value in some of the lesser played teams. We couple knowing the probability of the outcome of a current situation with the natural bias in betting favorites.


Take Wake Forest, a below average team with a hot seat coach, and yes, Jim Grobe did get fired. In line with what was expected from 2012, they were a 100% loser to the point spread given a certain situation, and yes, they cover the point spread 80% against teams given a different certain situation. And in between, they covered at only a 41% clip, still a good team to go against. We know the Wake Forest situation when the betting public was wrong 100% of the time, every time. It is because the data and detailed team information clearly point to a very predictable outcome that does not happen. And it misses consistently.

We have organized standard data, applied some advanced statistical knowledge and theory, and combined it with the realities of the college football scene. The results are what have led to you being able to receive recommendations that put the advantage in your favor.

We know teams need 6 wins to get in a bowl, usually scheduling patsies up front to ensure the minimum number of wins. Big time programs get big time coaches and big time players. Always has been, always will be. You will see we are weighted towards non-conference picks where there are greater point spread disparities.

College Football has predictability if you lose your personal bias. Successful programs continue to be successful, while other teams rattle between mediocrity and poor, occasionally reaching moderately successful, but usually a quick fall back to their defined normal.

We firmly believe our data speaks for itself and will have you looking for the weekly Analysis like it is your best friend.