Week 14 – Ending a Season Overflowing with Frustration

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Our last two picks, Baylor and Wisconsin, split. Baylor +17.5 covered the big spread easily at West Virginia. Conventional knowledge and the point spread said West Virginia would blow out a disillusioned Baylor team with an interim coach. Seems as though the quality of athlete on the Baylor side jumped up and revealed itself. West Virginia won in a close game, and lucky to have done so.

Wisconsin was a -5 point favorite over Penn State at a neutral site.  Conventional knowledge said Wisconsin. Forgotten was the winning emotional roller coaster Penn State was riding. The result, Penn State won the game outright. The unintended result, Penn State won the Big 10 Championship outright, beat Ohio State in the regular season, but did not make the final four. Ohio State did. This result captures our overall season perfectly.

You can prepare and do everything to win. But lurking is the obscure factor that causes an adverse result. And in our case, a season that gave back everything from the previous year. For our algorithm, there is more work to do. We are close and will be back next year with our enhanced algorithm. We will identify the undefined factors and get back to winning.

Go here to download our final tally sheet for week fourteen: For our complete Week 14, 2016 results (PDF format) click here.