Week 13 – Finishing Sideways

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The record for Lucky Week 13 was 4-4. For this year it brings additional data for the year end analysis, nothing else.

Michigan State continues to show a complete meltdown, embarrassed themselves as not able to cover a 12 point spread. Same goes with Oregon, to the point they fired their coach. When you lose the cross state rivalry game to a sub-par Oregon State team after a miserable season then expect to be fired. This happens every season where a really good program just does not show up.

Auburn had a disastrous year where they won almost nothing but recovered quickly as programs such as theirs has good athletes, but simply run off the rails from time to time.

San Diego State was also embarrassed at home. Their excuse appears to be simple laziness at the end of the season. The classic example of running for the bus.

Like a normal year, our winners came from the lesser teams (Temple, UTSA, Rice). With the exception of LSU being the sole higher pedigree team putting it on Texas A&M.

From a conventional thinking standpoint we gave you the easy winner. TCU was simply the better coached and prepared team to not only cover, but win outright. They did, Charlie Strong got fired, and Texas will enter the Tom Herman area.

We also pointed out Washington to win against Washington State. Our only other conventional team, Michigan, should have won outright but managed to cover the spread. Conventional thinking gave you 3 winners last week. The algorithm was in a hold pattern.

Go here to download our final tally sheet for week thirteen: For our complete Week 13, 2016 results (PDF format) click here.