Week 12 – Inconsequential Futility

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Week 12 would have been a ho-hum week in a normal year. However, a net one winner means nothing this late in the season. It puts us at a 40% winner for the season, the exact reverse of our preseason prediction. Air Force always a question mark as a favorite and losing the spread was not surprising.

Texas A&M played down to UTSA in the breather game from the tough SEC West schedule, nothing surprising there either. In our predictions we stated nothing really stood out and the week’s results proved it.

New Mexico and Arizona turned out to be big losers to average teams. On the other hand, Navy blew out East Carolina, along with Penn State not allowing a point to cover a big spread against Rutgers. These unexpected wins and losses were the reason we developed the algorithm in the first place.

The only value to this week is it continues to build the season long database for analysis. That is when we think the reasons for the complete season reversal will become obvious. Something that simply did not evidence itself in the previous 5 seasons.

And as a side note. Texas lost to Kansas University 21-24 in OT yesterday. Wonder who will be the first big time coach to hit the road this year? And who will be hired for that big time job?

Go here to download our final tally sheet for week twelve: For our complete Week 12, 2016 results (PDF format) click here.