Week 9 – More of the Same

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On the favorites side we lost 4 of 6. And like all of the weeks this year, it was easy to see the losses coming. In our letter we suspected Louisville was going to have a hard time at Virginia. They did, having to score a last second touchdown to keep from losing outright. Plus we saw Southern Miss as a team not worthy of giving points to anyone. They won but never threatened to cover. Texas A&M almost covered a huge spread but simply did not need that many style points to stay worthy in the selection committee’s eyes. Same was true of Washington State. On the road they just needed a win over hapless Oregon State. It took a big second half rally to just win the game, the spread was never threatened.

We liked our underdogs last week. Navy came within a point with Utah and Nebraska covering as expected. In any other year that is the normal for performance of underdogs. It took a long time this season to get any favorite or underdog to perform as predicted.

For some reason this year we have a lot of big unworthy favorites selected by the algorithm. The analysis at the end of the year should reveal why. In the meantime, we expect more of the same this year. And there is nothing good to say.

Go here to download our final tally sheet for week nine: For our complete Week 9, 2016 results (PDF format) click here.