Week 8 – Bumping Along Marking Time

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Last week we commented that big favorites late in the season are suspect. San Diego State was a big favorite and covered against San Jose State, a team that has reverted to its previous losing history. Alabama covered for us as a 18 point favorite, winning by 19. First time this year a point spread move (from 19.5 to 18) caused a win instead of a loss. But Ohio State was a 19.5 favorite and lost outright to Penn State. And it was easy to see South Carolina Marshall and Air Force as pathetic big favorites. All were easy to see they were really less than stellar teams. All showed it. Marshall lost to North Texas, South Carolina had beaten no one of significance, and Air Force lost all motivation after beating rival Navy.

One thing this year has done is really clarify certain game situations that get easy to see. I thought Iowa would show better against Wisconsin, but it was clear Wisconsin is a team on a mission. Syracuse was showing signs of life, beating Boston College outright and that was to be expected.

Harping on the same tune, we know that this year has been sunk since Week 3. We are publishing for transparency and to keep the selections derived from the current algorithm consistent. Once the season is complete we will analyze to see what caused this complete flip flop from the last 4 years results. It should be obvious where bettors miss the mark in certain game situations.

Go here to download our final tally sheet for week eight: For our complete Week 8, 2016 results (PDF format) click here.