Week 6 – Diving Even Deeper

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When we published the tag line on our homepage “You’re Smart, Just Bet Against Ed” we didn’t have a clue that it would be true. Why it is true is what has become the signature issue of this college football season. We gave up on making money this year two weeks ago, having arrived at the point where we gave up our winnings from last year. This is strictly about letting the season play out to have that unique database from this year that performed in the exact opposite from the previous 4 years. Obviously our algorithm needs further work. Due to the absolute collapse in the winning history, the reason could reveal itself in a glaring manner.

100% transparency. We have always pledged it, and will always honor it. In this business you have to take the bad with the good. Week 6 was notable in the fact all 5 losses were non-competitive, culminating with Oregon giving up a smooth 70 points on their home field. I have a feeling a coaching change may be in the air at Oregon. That was a little much. All the others were just pathetic performances, starting with the Boston College blowout. Tennessee did manage to cover at Texas A&M by a half point. That half point coming in at game time or that would have been a push.

At this point we hope the algorithm keeps picking losers at the same pace.  We know we will learn something valuable at year end analysis.

Go here to download our final tally sheet for week six: For our complete Week 6, 2016 results (PDF format) click here.